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Using On Farm Culturing to Improve Mastitis Treatmentespanol1


cowThis new series will guide you through the principles of on farm culturing and selective mastitis treatment. You will learn what you need to get started, how to collect sterile milk samples, culture bacteria and how to diagnose results.

Watch videos, download guides and submit your questions to Ask the Expert about on farm culturing techniques and selective treatment.

Episode #1: Treatment Decisions for Clinical Mastitistitle copy

Part ONE: Will Antibiotics Help the Cow?
Part TWO: Using Cultures to Make Selective Treatment Decisions

Episode #2: How to Set Up Your On Farm Laboratory

Episode #3: Selecting Culture Media

Episode #4: Mastitis Severity Scoring

Episode #5: How to Collect an Aseptic Milk Sample

Episode #6: How to Set Up Culture Plates

Episode #7: How to Read Culture Plates

Episode #8: How to Identify Staphylococcus Species Using Selective Agars

Episode #9: How to Identify Streptococcus Species Using Selective Agars

Episode #10: How to Identify Gram Negative Species

Episode #11: On Farm Culturing: What Can Go Wrong?

**Additional Resources

University of Minnesota On Farm Culture
Order culture media plates, download reference guides and submit milk samples to their veterinary diagnostic laboratory. A great resource to learn more about on farm culturing!

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