June 15, 2015

treatment decisions for clinical mastitis

Episode #1: Treatment Decisions for Clinical Mastitis

Part ONE: Will Antibiotics Help the Cow?

UW Milk Quality releases this new video series about on farm culturing with a two-part episode on making the decision to start a culturing program. In part one, we learn which mastitis-causing bacteria responds to antibiotics and which do not. The difficulty is finding these cases in your herd. On farm culturing is one method we use to select the cases that would benefit from such treatment.

Part TWO: Using Cultures to Make Selective Treatment Decisions

In part two, we learn the basics of selective treatment for mastitis. We want to base our treatment decision for mastitis on having a diagnosis of what type of bacteria is responsible for that infection. The use of on farm culturing is just one part of implementing selective treatment protocols.

Attachment: Mastitis Treatment Protocol
Use this decision tree to aid in your on farm culturing and selective treatment program.