September 26, 2011


The Milking Research and Instruction Laboratory and UW Team Quality Milk have developed a series of courses for veterinarians, milking equipment dealers, milking machine and milk quality consultants, university students, extension agents, Vo-Ag teachers and other agricultural professionals. The purpose of these programs is to teach the principles of operation, testing and cleaning of milking systems.  Instruction is by faculty from the departments of Biological Systems Engineering, Dairy Science, Food Science, and the School of Veterinary Medicine and guest lecturers from the milking equipment industry, veterinarians, and faculty form other universities.

The Introductory courses are designed for those with limited experience with milking systems evaluation and farm wiring.  Participants will have classroom demonstration and hands-on experience to demonstrate basic concepts.  Participants will perform those diagnostic measurements that can be done without special test equipment and gain an understanding of the interpretation of these tests.

  • Introduction to Milking Systems
  • Introduction to Mastitis and Milk Quality Management
  • Introduction to Milking Parlor Design
  • Introduction to Milking Parlor Management
  • Introduction to Stray Voltage

The intermediate level courses are designed for participants who have had some previous experience with use of basic testing instruments.  Participants will learn how to perform test procedures and interpret their results.  Milking systems analysis will focus on evaluation of the milking and cleaning performance of modern milking machines using the latest developments performance testing.  Participants will perform diagnostic tests and take part in discussions interpreting these results. Participants will gain knowledge of the latest installation, performance, and testing standards and design guidelines for milking systems.  Stray Voltage Analysis is designed for he professional stray voltage investigator.  Participants will learn how to perform a complete stray voltage investigation.

  • Milking System Analysis
  • Mastitis and Milk Quality Analysis
  • Troubleshooting Milking Systems and Milking Management
  • Stray Voltage Analysis

The Advanced level courses will focus on interpretation of test results and make use of case study analysis.  Advanced interpretive methods will be presented.  Participants will then work in small groups on case studies, which will be presented and discussed with the group.

  • Advanced Stray Voltage Analysis
  • Mastering Milk Quality
Contact Doug Reinemann ( 608.262.0223) to learn more or schedule a course.