September 26, 2011

milk money

Milk Money was a voluntary extension program for Wisconsin dairy farms that had participation of more than 500 dairy farms between 2001 and 2007. It was developed and led by Dr. Pamela L. Ruegg of the Dept. of Dairy Science at the University of Wisconsin. The program was based on motivating and empowering farmers and their local dairy advisors to work together to improve milk quality and farm profitability. Farmers developed personalized milk quality plans for their individual farm to achieve self-defined milk quality goals. Now Milk Money resources are still available for you to download and apply to your operation.

program information

Milk Money is the team-based approach to help you improve milk quality on your dairy. The most successful teams typically include you (the farm owner), your veterinarian, a representative from your milk plant and, frequently, county agents.

Establish a team leader to help coordinate meetings and handle some of the paperwork. The program is designed to last for four months allowing you the time it takes to make adjustments and see results. Most importantly, you set your goals and your priorities according to what your dairy needs.

Milk Money Factsheet
Milk Money Brochure
Milk Money Program Description
Milk Money Team Approach
Milk Money Team Management

program forms

Roadmap to Milk Quality
Team Commitment Form
Team Member Information Form
Meeting One
Herd Information
Financial Impact of Milk Quality
Management Questionnaire
Team Goal Setting
Team Action Plan
Meetings Two and Three
Meeting Four
Meeting Four Management Questionnaire
Meeting Four Financial Impact
Long Term Action Plan
Complete Set of All Program Forms

the manual

Ten Smart Things Dairy Farms do to Achieve Milking Excellence
Standard Milking Procedures
Calculating Monthly Clinical Case Rates
California Mastitis Test Fact Sheet #1
California Mastitis Test Fact Sheet #2
Collecting Bulk Tank Milk Samples
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Mastitis Vaccines
Herd Mastitis Treatment Record
Staphylococcus aureus Fact Sheet
Streptococcus agalactiae Fact Sheet
Environmental Streptococcus Mastitis
Coliform Mastitis
Mycoplasma Mastitis
Mycoplasma Mastitis Control
Premiums, Production and Pails of Discarded Milk: How Much Does Mastitis Cost
Taking Sterile Milk Cultures
Mastitis Treatment Protocols
Udder Hair Removal with Heat
Seven Habits of Successful Milking Routines
Estimating Milking Center Costs and Performances
Guide to Milking Machine Cleaning
Troubleshooting High Bacteria Counts
Milking Routine Analysis
Farm Visitor Biosafety
Parlor Planner Spreadsheet
Cost of Mastitis Spreadsheet
Udder Hygiene Scoring Chart
Teat End Condition Scoring Chart