week THREE: Milking System Video Library

week THREE: Milking System Video Library

Parlor Routine Training

Milk parlor trial-and-error verses a well planned training program for staff.

Cow Acclimation

Introducing the herd to a new milking facility.

Training Staff for Crowd Gate Management

How to train the humans in proper crowd gate etiquette to reduce frustration during cow entry and exit.

Crowd Gate Management

Techniques to avoid overcrowding and maintain good cow flow at the gate.

Entering and Exiting the Milking Site

How quiet vocal and gentle physical encouragement is more effective for cows entering and exiting the milking site.

 Methods of Cow Prep and the Effect of Prep Lag Time

Milk prep processing and timing, the importance of prep lag time and methods of prep sequencing.

Preventing Milk Flow Stallout

Evaluation of teat ends to avoid damage due to overmilking.