June 18, 2012

milk fat

This benchmarking tool allows dairy producers to compare their herd’s average milk fat percentage with other herds around the nation. Using the Project C.O.W. database, results can be based on management type, herd size, dominant breed, amount of grain in diet and much more.

step ONE: Enter your herd’s milk fat in a percentage.

step TWO: Select criteria to compare your herd to other herds around the U.S. with similar characteristics.

step THREE: Click and refresh! Click the box ‘CLICK and REFRESH’ and press alt+F5 on your keyboard in order to see your results. If you are using a Mac computer, hold the the ‘fn’ key as well.

build the project c.o.w. database

By entering your farm’s information here, the Project C.O.W. database will dynamically grow with new users and allow the Milk Fat Comparison Tool to provide the most up-to-date results.

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