March 14, 2016

Case Study #1: Swollen Left Rear Quarter

Farm Description: 200 lactating cows. Cows are milked twice a day in a Double-10 parlor. The owner and an employee milk in the morning while 2 employees milk in the afternoon. Cows are housed in a small freestall barn that is bedded with clean sand. The ambient temperature is 85°F (29°C). All cows are treated with antibiotics at dry off. The bulk tank SCC of the farm is 180,000 cells/ml.

Cow Description: 3 year old Holstein cow. Delivered twin heifer calves 8 days ago and had a retained placenta. BCS of 3.0. SCC at last test of the previous lactation was 145,000 cells/ml and this cow did not receive DCT (just an internal sealant). The cow produced 75 lbs (34 kg) yesterday and only 15 lbs (6.8 kg) at the morning milking today. At the morning milking, the owner notices a swollen left rear quarter and the milk is slightly watery in appearance. The milk in the other quarters is normal in appearance but the owner performed a CMT test and found out that all 3 other quarters had trace CMT scores. She has a good appetite but she kicked the milking unit off several times during milking. Her body temperature is 102.2°F (39°C) and she has good rumen contractions. This farm has never done a bulk tank culture.

DISCLAIMER: These cases are teaching examples and do not represent all outcomes of individual cases. The treatments assume that the cow is in the United States and that the FDA rules for use of drugs are applicable. Individual cases in real cows should receive treatment protocols that have been discussed and developed with the local veterinarian.

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