September 8, 2011

about us


We provide useful and practical information important for the production of high quality milk. The mission of our work is to improve the quality of milk and enhance the profitability and competitiveness of the Wisconsin Dairy Industry in a global economy. The issues addressed and information provided will be useful for all involved in the production of milk—dairy farmers, veterinarians, educators, dairy advisors, researchers, field representatives and many more.

who we are

The insight and contributions of these institutions to this online resource clearly demonstrate a strong commitment to the Wisconsin Dairy Industry, especially the production of high quality milk.

University of Wisconsin–Extension  UWEX brings University research, knowledge and resources to the people of Wisconsin, meeting their educational needs wherever they live and work.

University of Wisconsin–Department of Dairy Science  DDS develops and publishes information related to efficient and profitable production of quality milk, thereby improving the competitiveness of the Wisconsin dairy industry, and providing high quality dairy foods to consumers at a reasonable cost.

University of Wisconsin–Biological Systems Engineering  BSE is dedicated to educating and training people to meet the engineering, management, technical sales and service needs of the agriculture and construction industry, advancing science through an active engineering and management research program, and disseminating research findings through extension programs.

Many faculty and staff within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Wisconsin have also made significant contributions to this website.