The mission of our work is to improve the quality of milk and enhance the profitability and ­­­competitiveness of the Wisconsin Dairy Industry in a global economy. We provide useful and practical information for all involved in the production of milk—dairy farmers, veterinarians, educators, dairy advisors, researchers, field representatives and many more.

Senior Faculty

Douglas J. Reinemann, PhD

Professor and CALS Associate Dean for Outreach Extension
Head of UW Milking Research and Instruction Lab


Douglas Reinemann has been a professor and Director of the UW Milking Research and Instruction lab since 1990. He is the US representative and Chair of the International Dairy Federation’s working group on machine milking and is the US representative to the International Standards Organization committees on milking machine performance and installation and Automatic Milking Installations. He has chaired the machine milking committees of the ASABE and the NMC.  


Visit the Milking Research and Instruction Lab website to access the latest information, academic papers, how-to manuals and resources to improve your milking equipment and facilities.

Former Students

Pamela L. Ruegg, DVM, MPVM

Dairy Science Emeritus Professor – Physiology & Management

Pamela Ruegg spent 20 years as a professor and extension milk quality specialist in the Dept. of Dairy Science at the University of Wisconsin, Madison where she remains an emeritus Professor. Currently, Dr. Pamela Ruegg is the David J. Ellis Chair in Antimicrobial Resistance and director of the Antimicrobial Stewardship and Dairy Health Management Laboratory at Michigan State University. She maintains a research program that is focused on ensuring antibiotic stewardship on dairy farms by reducing antibiotic usage on dairy farms and identifying cow, environmental and pathogen factors that can be manipulated to reduce mastitis risk.


To access Milk Quality and Antimicrobial Stewardship resources visit the Top Milk Website – Michigan State University

Former Students

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