Video SHORTS: Using SCC to Evaluate Subclinical Mastitis

Subclinical mastitis is the most common form of the disease on many dairy farms, and is diagnosed based on observation of the cow’s immune response to infection of the udder. The only way we can measure minimal immune response is to measure monthly somatic cell counts. Check out these video shorts on how to use SCC to manage subclinical mastitis on your farm.

Introduction: Using SCC to Evaluate Subclinical Mastitisintro-scc

Quick introduction to the video series.

part-1-whyWhy SCC is Used to Manage Subclinical Mastitis

Subclinical mastitis is defined as normal appearing milk that has evidence of a response to an infection in the cow. Learn why somatic cell counts are used to measure when, where and how long cows are subclinically infected.

part-2-estimateEstimating How Many Cows Have Subclinical Infections

The first step in using SCC to manage subclinical mastitis is to estimate how many cows have subclinical infections.

part-3-determineDetermining if Current Control Programs are Effective: Estimating New Infections

To determine if your current control program is effective you need to be able to estimate new infection rates. In order to do that you will need individual SCC tests for each milking cow for 2 consecutive months and a little bit of math.

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