7 habits

The 7 Habits
of Highly Successful
Milking Routines
Video Series

UW Milk Quality introduces this new video series focusing on how to effectively milk cows to produce high quality milk. Dr. Pamela Ruegg from the University of Wisconsin discusses the science behind effective milking routine in seven practical habits.

Goals and Objectives

goals and objectivesThis first episode begins with the basics and highlights the goals and objectives of having an effective milking routine.

Habit 1: Calm and Clean

habit 1The first habit of a successful milking routine begins before the cows even enter the milking parlor. Keeping cows clean and calm will not only impact the speed at which cows get milked, but also the rate new mastitis infections can develop
in the herd.

Habit 2: Cows are Grouped

3Dairy cows can be managed in groups for not only nutritional and reproductive reasons, but also for milk quality. Join Dr. Pamela Ruegg in this episode to learn how to develop a milking plan to ensure the production of high quality milk without transmitting mastitis pathogens throughout the herd.